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If you find yourself longing for peace, struggling with anxiety & fear and have a desire for healthier relationships, maybe all you need is some help gaining insight into this season of life. I believe everyone has a story worth hearing. I consider it a privilege to sit with others in a sacred space and hear their heart as they give me permission to journey with them towards healing. I use a variety of counseling models within the therapy process. However, I believe Emotion Focused Therapy is ideal in connecting people and creating healthier relationships. My experience includes: EFT trained, over 30 yrs of ministry experience, more than 24 yrs as a Registered Nurse. If you find yourself struggling with anxiety and fear, feel stuck or lost in your journey, and long for healthier relationships, please feel free to reach out to me. I am committed to joining you in the process of healing and moving forward in a safe, comfortable enviornment. I have worked with diverse populations of all a

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2601 Blue Ridge Road Columbia, MO 65202

2601 Blue Ridge Road Columbia, MO 65202