Rebecca Becky Tekeian

Counselor in California


School: University of Redlands

Year Graduated: 2015

License: California / 5157

Who I Serve

Do you struggle with anxiety, depression? Is it keeping you from doing the things that you love and functioning the way that you want to? Is it creeping up on you when you least expect? Or are life's struggles too hard to carry on your shoulders, too much to keep on going? At times, these issues are there and intended for us to process through, to overcome the challenges and know how to have coping skills and tools to battle them again in the future. Trauma is no different, and as it holds you back from doing the things you love, learn how to stop that cycle, and take control of it. As a therapist who has worked thoroughly with PTSD, depression and various types of anxiety, having the key to unlock the steps to gaining control and overcoming the difficult (seemingly impossible) struggles of life has been a way to help clients feel empowered and understand that they have the ability to look for the answers within themselves. If you feel that you are ready to take the step to the journey

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RT Counseling Inc. Riverside, CA 92507

RT Counseling Inc. Riverside, CA 92507