Rebecca A Cayford

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Who I Serve

Hurting? Depressed? Anxious? Painful things happen in the past? Need a safe, calm, peaceful atmosphere where you can focus on you? I provide counseling to individuals suffering from anxiety, depression, PTSD, grief, domestic violence, violent crime, stalking, separation, divorce, relationship problems, controlling partners, codependency, accident, injury, stress due to chronic pain, illness, underlying issues related to drug and alcohol abuse, workplace stress or bullying, childhood trauma/abuse/neglect/bullying or other life concerns. Help is available to you. My calm, non-judgmental manner, psychological training, and 40 years of nursing experience give me a unique understanding of the stress faced by those suffering from trauma, depression, and anxiety. I understand the stress of caregivers/medical personnel and those suffering from illness/chronic pain/the infirmity of loved ones/end of life issues. Healing of emotional wounds caused by trauma is possible, and finding the right therapist is key. Let's talk.

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1619 Ferndale Avenue Melbourne, FL 32935

1619 Ferndale Avenue Melbourne, FL 32935