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Do you long for more contentment and aliveness? Are you always looking for a fight? Do you often feel like you’re too much? What if these thoughts and feelings are not a problem but the trail that leads you to the life you imagine is possible? A life that feels deeply lived and rich with meaning. With great curiosity and care, I will accompany you as you explore your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Together we’ll create permission for you to see, feel, and know yourself in new ways. As you look directly at what troubles you, your fears and demons often lose their grip. With reclaimed power and clarity, you gain greater freedom to relate to all parts of yourself with curiosity rather than judgment. This often leads to an increased capacity to choose what you want, allowing you to craft a life in line with what you long for. If you’re ready to embark on this inner adventure, let’s get together. I offer a free initial consult so we can meet in person and see if we’re a good fit. Give me a call to schedule - 855-636-7187.

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2305 Canyon Blvd Suite 101 Boulder, CO 80302

2305 Canyon Blvd Suite 101 Boulder, CO 80302