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We are wired with an affinity toward healing. Therapy is a powerful tool in attaining mental and physical health. But what if we went beyond talk therapy by also integrating meditation and biofeedback in order to address trauma, depression, inattention and other areas of mental health functioning. We will explore your intrinsic ability to harness the power of breath work to reduce chronic pain, muscle tension and other physical issues exacerbated by emotional stress. We will tap into health-promoting foods to explore how nutrition plays a significant role in mental health, including memory, attention and concentration. I am Patty Johnson, a clinical psychologist, with a focus on integrative behavioral medicine, guiding your discovery of optimal psychological, physical and spiritual well-being through powerful mind-body treatments, because after all, mental health is medical health. My team and I provide psychotherapy as well as psychological testing services for ADHD. We offer a free p

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1122 Westgate Street Oak Park, IL 60301

1122 Westgate Street Oak Park, IL 60301