PATHs to Hope and Healing


School: University of Texas

Year Graduated: 1992

License: Colorado / CSW991543

Who I Serve

Lori has been providing individual and family therapy to children 5 yrs to 18 yrs, and their families, as well as adults since 1992. Her passion for supporting children and teens is evident in her work, which focuses on family dynamics, child development, risk and safety assessment, separation, out of home placement, adoption, grief and loss, special education and community resources for families with children with special needs. Her greatest hope is that each client, despite their compromising circumstances, will experience healing and find the hope that they need to prevail and live up to their potential. Lori offers a compassionate and common sense approach to understanding the development of children/ teens, as well as mood conditions &/or trauma affecting individuals. She is supportive, yet direct, assisting the navigation of difficult circumstances, and helping people pursue competence in their own healing or in the role of helping a child heal. As a mother of grown children, one

Contact Information

13710 E Rice Place #220 Aurora, CO 80015 Call Ms. Lori Parker

13710 E Rice Place #220 Aurora, CO 80015 Call Ms. Lori Parker