Paola Granados-Radlick

Therapist in Florida


School: American School of Professional Psychology, Washington, D.C.

Year Graduated: 2015

License: Florida / PY9808

Who I Serve

Even though you are only in your late teens or 20s, you learned early on to numb or make yourself small rather than be vulnerable and show up as your genuine self. Your strong desire to please others leaves you unfulfilled, uncertain, and wondering if it’s possible to experience more than temporary happiness. As strong emotions overwhelm you, you wonder if anxiety, loneliness, and fear will be your lifelong companions. Adulting was supposed to be liberating, not paralyzing and stressful, like you are losing more and more of yourself just to keep up with the demands. Living a life that's courageous and fulfilling is not impossible. Through therapy, you can learn to live more presently while not being swept away by emotions. I will teach you skills to get unstuck, tolerate fear, uncertainty, sadness, resolve conflict, and make healthier choices. I will partner with you by providing you with the space to process and with the tools to empower you. Don't wait to see if things will get better- you can begin to reduce the suffering now. If you or someone you know would benefit from life skills to better cope with emotions and live more comfortably in your own skin, call me today for a no-cost 20-minute consultation. You don't have to live through the uncertainty alone. Let me be there for you.

Contact information

Frame of Mind Psychology, P.A. 1200 Brickell Avenue 850 Miami, FL 33131

Frame of Mind Psychology, P.A. 1200 Brickell Avenue 850 Miami, FL 33131