Nikolas H Maslow

Therapist in Colorado


School: Naropa University

Year Graduated: 2005

License: Colorado / 5566

Who I Serve

For over 17 years, I have helped people in various life transitions discover deep-rooted happiness in their lives. We work together to find meaning, purpose and satisfaction in relationships, career, spiritual pursuits as well as discovering and finding life passions. The greatest obstacles to our happiness are often ingrained attitudes we have about our lives that have been left unexamined. I have huge success with helping men find and uncover their greatest selves. My specialty is working with young adults and the issues of identity and relatedness that they most commonly face about being strong, assertive, bold and at the same time gentle and kind in a challenging world. I help emerging adults achieve professional success and relational happiness. It is a deeply enriching experience for me to share with young adults my insights and awareness how it is we, as humans, can find enduring happiness and personal growth. At the same time, my attitude towards my clients is patient, kind, co

Contact Information

2825 Marine Street Suite 205 Boulder, CO 80303

2825 Marine Street Suite 205 Boulder, CO 80303