Monique Mort

Therapist in Arizona


School: University of Phoenix

Year Graduated: 2006

License: Arizona / LPC-13860

Who I Serve

Have you ever felt "stuck" in your current relationship? Do you feel stagnant and unsure of the direction you are going? Are the two of you planning your future and yet you haven't agreed on your present? With counseling services from ImMortal Bonds, we will help facilitate a healthy dialogue between you and your partner, fostering long lasting connections while improving relationship satisfaction. Couples are not the only focus. We also provide services to individuals in need of services to manage anxiety, depressive symptoms, and a array of life stressors. We offer a wide array of services from Pre-marital, Relationship and Individual Counseling services. Some services are offered as individual sessions and others can take place in a group setting. Please contact me today to determine which service meets your needs.

Contact Information

Mesa, AZ 85202

Mesa, AZ 85202