Mimi Walsh-Wehberg


School: Indiana State University

Year Graduated: 1996

License: Maryland / LC7355

Who I Serve

It takes courage to ask for help and with that in mind I maintain an atmosphere that is free from judgment. Whether motivation for therapy is internal, or someone in your life is asking you to seek help, I will work with you to find a strategy for making healthier decisions. I work in therapy with people who have been experiencing challenges like anxiety or depression for many years as well as individuals who have only recently experienced stressful circumstances related to health, work, home, school, or relationships. My approach to therapy is strengths-based and rooted in respect for others. I value education in therapy and clearly discuss the strategy that is developed for each individual. I have worked in medical settings and I am very comfortable collaborating with your primary care doctor to help you reach health goals that are impacted by stress or substance use. As part of my experience in substance abuse treatment I have worked with loved ones of persons with addiction. Witnes

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10621 York Road Cockeysville, MD 21030

10621 York Road Cockeysville, MD 21030