Michael Warren

Therapist in Tennessee


School: University of Tennessee

Year Graduated: 2005

License: Tennessee / 5661

Who I Serve

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with years of experience working with a wide range of clients. I have extensive training working with children and teenagers and have worked with families in the Greater Memphis Area for over 10 years. I have a unique insight that allows clients to best express their needs and work towards their individual goals. Having some background in visual arts has allowed me to incorporate a lot of expressive and art based therapists into practice. I have an Ed.S in Counseling Psychology focusing on Play Therapy. Play Therapy allows the therapist to best communicate with children (as with other ages) and reach them on a deeper level than with just talking.

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2670 Union Avenue Suite 1224 Memphis, TN 38112

2670 Union Avenue Suite 1224 Memphis, TN 38112