Megan Cannon

Therapist in California

Who I Serve

If you are feeling stuck, disconnected, or stressed in your relationships with yourself, your family, your partners, community, or the natural world - Welcome! I offer individual therapy and relationship counseling for those who are seeking to change patterns of relating that no longer serve them, release anxiety, depression, or trauma wounds, navigate difficult life transitions, or activate fulfillment and purpose in their life. I would be honored to be a guiding support in your journey in reconnecting with yourself and the world around you. In addition to dialogue I utilize music, ritual, mindfulness, art, movement, and eco-therapy tools in sessions. I approach the therapeutic relationship with creativity, compassion, and curiosity. The environment I create is grounded, nurturing, and safe. I have experienced the life-changing power of therapy as both a therapist and client. I look forward to meeting you.

Contact Information

Telehealth Sacramento, CA 95818

Telehealth Sacramento, CA 95818