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Allow me to tell you about the essence of choosing a therapist, and being in therapy. It’s quite similar to forming a good friendship or relationship. Chemistry between both people is of the essence. After determining the therapist’s credentials ,training ,and experience, it will be the experience of feeling compassionately understood, accepted, and the sense of the right emotional fit, that will determine the choice and outcome. And therapy is all about the quality of the relationship from start to finish. That being said, years of clinical, teaching, and training experience contributes much to my therapeutic effectiveness. I specialize in; general psychotherapy of personality problems,phobias and anxiety states, relationship loss trauma, medical illness and surgical stress, adult and adolescent creative work blocks, self esteem issues, academic problems, parent-adolescent communication problems, male and female infertility, cognitive behavior therapy failures. My therapeutic styl

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10 West 15th Street SUITE 706 New York, NY 10011

10 West 15th Street SUITE 706 New York, NY 10011