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The value of life can only be recognized when it is viewed through a lens that examines the trials of life. Accurate vision sometimes requires help from someone with heart and patience who can nurture you while you determine the value. I have the heart, the patience and the skill needed to assist you as you examine the trials of your life, the value of your experiences and how best to use them in your life. At this time, I attend Southern California Seminary pursuing my doctorate degree in psychology. I am currently receiving my clinical training under the supervision of Dr. Paula Maness, a clinical psychologist from San Diego, CA Working to gain your trust is vital as we identify concerns and focus on results; gaining your trust is equally important as the successful resolution of your concerns Stepping out on your own and dealing with life issues is challenging. Working through individual concerns, family issues, Looking beyond the problem and establishing your value through a trusti

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Rhombus Counseling 8058 La Mesa Boulevard La Mesa, CA 91942

Rhombus Counseling 8058 La Mesa Boulevard La Mesa, CA 91942