Loren Hoffman

Psychologist in Florida

Contact Information

Dr. Loren Hoffman, PhD 1415 Panther Lane Naples, FL 34109


School: Georgia State

Year Graduated: 1988

License: Florida / PY4225

Who I Serve

I am Loren L. Hoffman, Ph.D., a Florida licensed child psychologist with offices in Naples, FL. I provide neuropsychological assessment, diagnosis and treatment for children challenged most frequently by dual exceptionalities. For example gifted + attention deficit / hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), autism spectrum disorder + ADHD + dyslexia, traumatic brain injury (TBI) + seizures, ADHD + oppositional defiant disorder, ASD + bipolar disorder (disruptive mood regulation disorder), anxiety disorders, depression, learning disabilities, social skills problems and more. Other services include tutoring, parent training, individual education plans (IEP) development, customized homeschooling design, teacher training, social skills groups, and individual therapy. We teach children how to STOP and THINK before they act. We teach students how to gain mastery over their executive functions (inhibition, verbal working memory, switching, organization, self-regulation of emotions). We teach self-contr

Dr. Loren Hoffman, PhD 1415 Panther Lane Naples, FL 34109