Linda Hardy

Therapist in Tennessee


School: Trevecca Nazarene University

Year Graduated: 2000

License: Tennessee / 1706

Who I Serve

I enjoy working with clients who are struggling to deal with overpowering emotions, manage problem behaviors, or navigate difficult relationships. These difficulties might show up in lots of different ways, such as depression (including feeling suicidal), anxiety, self-harm, abusing substances, self-criticism or shame, or other ways. I understand how painful these challenges can cause life to feel, and have great admiration and respect for those who want to take action to feel better. I am a DBT therapist. DBT's overall goal is "to create a life worth living", meaning going beyond getting rid of "symptoms" to build rich and meaningful lives. I believe this is the goal of most clients who seek therapy. One of the things I love most about DBT is that it offers concrete and practical skills which can be used NOW to make life better. If you think DBT has something to offer you, or if you have done DBT work before and want to brush up on skills or take your work deeper, I would love to hear

Contact Information

4525 Harding Pike Ste. 263 Nashville, TN 37205

4525 Harding Pike Ste. 263 Nashville, TN 37205