Leigh Frndak

Therapist in Minnesota

Who I Serve

I consider it a privilege to walk along side people as they journey through life's circumstances. Whether the journey involves a relationship with a family member, a partner, or even the relationship you have with yourself; I am passionate about helping you improve the quality of your life through the quality of your relationships. I am especially drawn to work with couples. These relationships carry with them some of life's sweetest moments and deepest hurts. Working to improve the quality of these relationships through meaningful connection, trust, and understanding; involves helping people understand how past and current experiences influence current relational satisfaction. I welcome the opportunity to listen to your story, to provide a safe place for you to explore your circumstances, and to work with you as you navigate the relationships that mean the most to you.

Contact Information

6 East Diamond Lake Road Minneapolis, MN 55419

6 East Diamond Lake Road Minneapolis, MN 55419