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So many of us are misunderstood, feel the need to hide our authentic selves, or are unsure of who we even are. Old beliefs keep us stuck and afraid to live the life we desire to live. My passion is ignited when I can bridge the gap between the old stories we tell ourselves and the new ones we write together. Bring me your old stories and beliefs. I welcome all of them. Let's explore where they come from and decide what you want to keep and what no longer serves you. I create a safe holding environment through radical presence and non-judgment. I am collaborative and I trust my clients to know themselves in ways I never could. I combine depth therapy, art therapy and narrative therapy to help people get to the root of what they are aiming to heal. I love working with couples, and welcome them with a nonjudgmental environment that is blame and shame free. I do not take sides. I am here to honor the truth from both individuals and collectively create a new and preferred story. As an artis

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Los Angeles, CA 90042

Los Angeles, CA 90042