Laura Mondragon

Therapist in Therapists in California


School: Hope International University

Year Graduated: 2014

License: California / 82979

Who I Serve

Have you experienced traumatic events that have left you stuck with fear, anxiety & depression? Do you wonder how & when, if ever, you will recover? Trauma comes from life experiences and they affect each of us differently. What is clear is you don't have to suffer by doing it alone. I will walk beside you to provide the skills and support you need. My approach is based on transparency, honesty, openness and mutual trust. I know that together we can overcome most anything hindering your journey! Now is the BEST time to get help. Push through the fear of the unknown and take the first step. I'm easy to talk to. Call today! Although my specialty is trauma, it is not exclusive. I work with all people who have sexual, physical, emotional, psychological & various mental illnesses that have prevented one from fully participating in life. We will walk together through your pain with the goal being the emergence of an authentic, shame-free acceptance of who you were created to be! When you share your pain you will not be alone. I am here to help you address those issues which prevent you from living your truth. I will join and respect your pace, your beliefs and your individual process to work through the challenges you face. Invest in your well-being and peace of mind. You are worth it. It's time to heal. Its time to call. IT'S TIME

Contact information

Truth Family and Child Counseling Services Inc Colton, CA 92324

Truth Family and Child Counseling Services Inc Colton, CA 92324