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*I offer a free, 30-minute meeting for anyone interested in therapy* Are you feeling off or not quite yourself? Maybe you function well on the outside but inside you feel anxious, depressed, or disconnected. Maybe you're struggling with existential concerns--meaninglessness, death anxiety, feeling lost, or feeling ultimately alone. I have found that the most uplifting and healing moments in life occur when we are completely open and exposed to another person and then accepted for who we are. In my practice, I value my clients whole-heartedly and emphasize your autonomy and personal choice. You are the expert on your own life. I've worked extensively with identity exploration, self-worth, depression, anxiety, and existential concerns. My clients come to me with skepticism and curiosity and they are met with warmth and acceptance. What’s important is our relationship, that you can be seen for who you really are beneath the surface, and not feel judged. I know how hard it can be to reach out for help and find the right person to talk to. I offer a free 30-minute first visit where you can meet me, see if you feel comfortable, and decide if you'd like to begin therapy. Find me on Instagram @kayliacounseling or visit my website http://www.kayliacounseling.com

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Labyrinth Counseling 8700 Manchaca Road Suite 804 Austin, TX 78748

Labyrinth Counseling 8700 Manchaca Road Suite 804 Austin, TX 78748