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You deserve to live as authentically and with as much integrity as you desire, but this can be difficult at times. The journey can be full of discovery or even feel scary. The things we think can lead us to our goals may not be as fulfilling as we thought. Sometimes because of what has happened before or what we think might happen. Change can be hard. It can feel overwhelming. It's different for everyone. What might it be like to be more confident; social; better able to handle stressful situations or whatever might come; or asking for what you need or want, especially in relationships with family or others? Psychotherapy might help: change, goals, authenticity, integrity, feeling overwhelmed, or exploring what might be fulfilling. I'm a licensed marriage and family therapist, school counselor, educator, and advocate for positive change, authenticity, and integrity. Evening and weekend availability. Call for a free phone consultation. Educator and student discounted rates available.

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190 Sierra Court Suite A6 Palmdale, CA 93550

190 Sierra Court Suite A6 Palmdale, CA 93550