Kasey A Curtis

Therapist in California

Who I Serve

Sometimes, despite best intentions and attempts, making change is not successful. It can be hard to get to where you want to go: less depression or anxiety, better relationships with others, a healthier relationship with yourself, with food, with your body. Maybe the past keeps intruding upon the present, even though it seems like it should be resolved by now. Maybe you don’t feel quite like the best version of yourself and you don’t know why. I'm here to help you get reconnected to yourself, find the inner wisdom that I know exists within you. I don't know all the answers, but I know how to help you find your own answers. Specialty areas include EMDR, mindfulness, somatic- mind/body connection. I help individuals address anxiety, panic, trauma, dissociation, DID, self esteem, depression, eating disorders/unhealthy relationship with food, and body image. I welcome clients of any race, ethnicity, physical ability, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation. I’m non-judgmental,

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3585 Maple St. Suite 277 Ventura, CA 93003

3585 Maple St. Suite 277 Ventura, CA 93003