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Making the commitment to counseling is the most difficult part of the therapeutic process. When we are debilitated by anxiety or depression just making a phone call can feel daunting. In some cases, unresolved trauma or memories can induce self-harm; the idea of receiving care can feel undeserving. Chances are when we are avoiding care there is a reason. Committing to change entails challenging unhealthy patterns or cycles. These coping strategies are learned behaviors that temporarily protect us from uncomfortable emotions while keeping us from working through what's really going on. I will help you gain self-awareness; teach and encourage you to practice comfortable coping skills that will benefit your mind and body. When you feel confident and supported we will begin targeting uncomfortable life events and the resulting negative beliefs you may have about yourself. We must learn how to nurture ourselves so that we can give and receive love. Our unhealthy strategies keep us from lett

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Bend, OR 97701

Bend, OR 97701