Karen Tringle

Psychologist in Tennessee

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Something's been brewing for a while now, but there's always been more pressing *stuff* that needs your attention and plenty of distractions to keep you occupied. But lately those obligations and distractions aren't enough and you're stuck with those thoughts that won't go away, and that nagging feeling in your stomach that can no longer be ignored. You like to feel in control and capable--able to handle things on your own, but these are uncharted waters and there's no map in sight. What's more is that things that may never have been issues before are all of a sudden becoming problems you didn't know you had. It's time to do something different and take real action. This uncertain time also provides an incredible opportunity to really figure out where you're at, where you're going, and whether that's actually the direction you want to be traveling. Let's connect and come up with a new or revised map to get you moving towards a destination you're excited to see! You don't have to do th

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1222 16th Ave S. Suite 24 Nashville, TN 37212

1222 16th Ave S. Suite 24 Nashville, TN 37212