Kaitlin Naatjes

Therapist in Chicago, Illinois

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Bella Valore, LLC Chicago, IL 60611

Who I Serve

An integrative and holistic approach to change, healing, and future growth. Assessing your own being, needs, and internal control while promoting health in the mind-body-and soul. Therapy can heal relationships in your personal and professional worlds. Whether you are struggling with anxiety, depression, communication skills, grief, infertility, eating disorders, etc., you do not have to struggle alone. As a licensed clinical therapist, I commit to diligently working in collaboration with you to bring about the change you desire. I am an experienced therapist, trained yoga instructor, and reiki practitioner. I have extensive experience and training treating depression, anxiety, relationship issues, and pre/postnatal experiences. I work with you and/or your partner to create more effective communication within your worlds. Now with Telehealth, therapy can accessed right in your home. Treatment could include assessing and implementing new coping skills while identifying and processing pa


Bella Valore, LLC Chicago, IL 60611