Julia Ann Mitchell

Therapist in Therapists in Maryland


School: Fordham University

Year Graduated: 2012

License: Maryland / 17309

Who I Serve

My mission is to remove the barriers and stigma associated with mental heath and to make exceptional mental health counseling services accessible to everyone. Counseling is individualized for each child, adult or family and incorporates solution and strength based practices to help each client reach their full potential. Therapy is offered in a modern, bright, comfortable setting Due to the Corvid 19 we are dong a combination of in office visits and Telehealth. Clients have the option of choosing either in person or Telehealth or doing a combination. If you attend in person your temperature will be taken and hand sanitizer will be given. The offices and waiting areas are being cleaned between each visit. Please feel free to contact me for a free 15 min consult if you are considering therapy during this challenging time and have questions or concerns you would like answered.

Contact information

Therapy Stop LLC 740 Light Street Baltimore, MD 21230

Therapy Stop LLC 740 Light Street Baltimore, MD 21230