Juan J Robles-Gil Aleman

Counselor in New York

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Whether you are stuck making a significant life decision, feel overwhelmed by life, feel hopeless or detached from your own power, or simply cant seem to connect with others in a meaningful way, you likely are reading this because you want to reach a better place. I can point you to new roads, give you concrete tools to use every day and make you feel heard and understood. I help people who are having relationship problems improve their communication skills, navigate conflict and disagreements, set healthy boundaries, make confident decisions, overcome guilt and shame and reach forgiveness of self and others. I will not ignore your cultural background or the effects that societal values play on your current situation. I use a combination of approaches from cutting edge developments in the field including neuroscience informed interventions, cognitive behavioral therapy, couples and family therapy, mindfulness and trauma treatment. Taking a step to trust a stranger with the most vulnera

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Integrative Therapy Center New York, NY 10001

Integrative Therapy Center New York, NY 10001