Joshua C. Fulwiler

Psychologist in Mississippi


School: University of Mississippi

Year Graduated: 2017

License: Mississippi / 58 1025

Who I Serve

The mission of Dr. Fulwiler's clinic, Cardinal Clinical Consulting, is to provide evidence-based practice in clinical psychology to the Tupelo and north Mississippi community. Dr. Fulwiler hopes to translate the science of psychology into commonsense, every-day understanding. Psychological reports are written for the client, avoiding highly technical jargon and explaining somewhat-confusing concepts in simple, straightforward ways. The recommendations we provide are intended to provide practical, attainable steps for change. Providing assessment and consultation services for a variety of ages and diagnoses, Dr. Fulwiler specializes in behavioral, emotional, and neurocognitive development. Dr. Fulwiler offers comprehensive testing for school-related issues, behavioral problems, or medical concerns, and he provides recommendations for treatment. If your child has had developmental difficulties, academic troubles, or struggles with social skills, a psychological evaluation may be valuable

Contact Information

2625 Traceland Drive Suite B Tupelo, MS 38801

2625 Traceland Drive Suite B Tupelo, MS 38801