John R Kinnaird

Therapist in Fort Collins, Colorado

Contact Information

420 South Howes Street Suite B100 Fort Collins, CO 80521


School: Arizona State University

Year Graduated: 1998

License: Colorado / CSW.00992834

Who I Serve

People seek therapy and counseling for many reasons, from coping with major life challenges or childhood trauma to desiring personal growth and greater self awareness. Together we will create a path forward with a focus on your strengths and self understanding. You will learn new skills and find solutions to create success in your life and relationships. Life’s problems and circumstances are opportunities to grow. By choosing to face adversity you chose to build resilience, emotional strength, confidence and self worth. My primary forms of treatment are client centered, strength based, and solution focused. I am trained in mindfulness therapies, EMDR and hypnotherapy to help bring mind, body and soul into balance. Your story is unique and important. By reading this you are already taking a step to improve your life. Choosing the right therapist is an important decision. I offer free 15-30 minute phone or in-person consultations to allow you to explore if I can be helpful. You are worth my time.

Therapy Techniques

420 South Howes Street Suite B100 Fort Collins, CO 80521