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Each of us has a deep, loving intelligence that seeks expression in the world. We also have survival strategies formed early in life that often limit and inhibit our later lives and relationships. In my work with individuals, couples, and families, we unmask these strategies, and access the loving wisdom that is the deepest, essential nature of all human beings. This shift arises naturally and radically re-orients our world view and behavior toward others and toward ourselves. It unleashes our capacity for joy and creativity, and offers the only place from which to have a true relationship with the world and with others. In more than 30 years of practice, I have trained deeply in Process Work, attachment theory, meditation, conflict resolution, group and interpersonal dynamics, and body-oriented awareness. Throughout my life, I have dived deeply into art, poetry, and music. I use all of these with the goal of recognizing and living from our essential freedom. I believe deeply in our fu

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573 Soquel Avenue Santa Cruz, CA 95062

573 Soquel Avenue Santa Cruz, CA 95062