Jody Sweeney

Therapist in Virginia


School: Virginia Commonwealth University

Year Graduated: 1997

License: Virginia / 0904004847

Who I Serve

Clients coming to see me are generally in one of three categories: 1) People who are unhappy and know why. They have experienced loss, mistreatment, oppression, trauma, major illness, discrimination, or other experiences that they identify as the source of their distress. 2) People who are unhappy and don't know why. They may feel depressed, anxious, or dissatisfied with their lives and not know the reason. 3) People who feel okay but want to come to life more fully and feel even better. I specialize in helping adults safely and gently recover from challenging events and traumatic experiences. Therapy sessions are emotionally safe, empowering, and interactive. I use healing and recovery models of therapy that respect my clients' strengths and potential. I have practiced the mind-body connection since the 1980’s including a ten year adjunct faculty position teaching body focused psychotherapy at the Rubenfeld Synergy Center. I use short term and long term methods including brief solution-focused therapy, Gestalt therapy, EMDR, and other mind-body modalities.

Contact information

Charlottesville, VA 22902

Charlottesville, VA 22902