Joan H Block

Therapist in Colorado


School: Immaculate Heart College

Year Graduated: 1980

License: Colorado / MFT.0000277

Who I Serve

The only constant is change. The only certainty is humans are called upon to navigate the challenging upheavals of life's transitions. Receiving assistance with grief issues, trauma, relationship difficulties, or navigating a cancer diagnosis and other chronic disease, is part of the therapeutic experience. The remainder exists in the relationship with one's therapist. After three decades, working with a variety of people from very famous to blue collar workers, I am qualified to understand your unique story. Together we will begin a journey of self discovery having the potential to improve the quality and meaning of your life. My level of experience in the field allows me to offer you resources, both internal and external. I will provide opportunity to develop self awareness allowing you to make more productive choices. Through therapy the emergence of a strong resilient self, constructed to weather the inevitable transitions of human life, is a strong and intentional outcome. Allow y

Contact Information

3405 Penrose Place Boulder, CO 80301

3405 Penrose Place Boulder, CO 80301