Jessica E. Plonka

Psychologist in Illinois


School: Illinois School of Professional Psychology (ISPP); Chicago, IL

Year Graduated: 2014

License: Illinois / 071.009196

Who I Serve

During this civil unrest, I focus therapy around helping white folks process their own positive racial identity (anti-racist) and find balance between speaking up and listening. Finding a therapist who can help you feel happier is a crucial part of change. I work with individuals and couples who want a trusting and collaborative relationship. I work with clients with a wide range of concerns and from diverse cultural backgrounds. I use a holistic and multicultural approach with every client, to better understand their unique experiences and provide treatment that is effective for them. I help clients gain insight into stubborn thought and relationship patterns and explore ways to be a more active member in their own lives. Clients feel empowered and confident to make bold moves. I also work with clients to increase self-compassion and kindness. By doing this, clients feel more capable of constructive choices and satisfying relationships. Whether you moved, had a breakup, had a career

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Contact Information

The Chicago Kindness Project, LLC; Dr. Jessica E. Chicago, IL 60604

The Chicago Kindness Project, LLC; Dr. Jessica E. Chicago, IL 60604