Jennifer C Cobb

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Once upon a time there was an exasperated parent and a frustrated child. Every day they would wake up in the morning and start arguing. And they wouldn’t stop! The arguing went on all day long until they were both so tired that they really didn’t know what they were arguing about anymore. They argued so much that they both forgot what it was like to enjoy being together. One day the parent saw an ad for a type of counseling called play therapy that would help both of them with their relationship. And because the parent really didn’t like all the arguing, she decided to try it. And because she decided to try it, both the parent and the child found new ways of talking and listening to each other, until finally they both understood each other much more than they ever had before. Now when they wake up, the child isn’t so frustrated, and the parent isn’t so exasperated. And they don’t argue near as much as they had before. In fact, now they are finding that they actually do enjo

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5950 Fairview Road Suite 306 Charlotte, NC 28210

5950 Fairview Road Suite 306 Charlotte, NC 28210