Jeanine Monterroza

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I believe that by seeking therapy, you are taking the first, courageous step towards leading the kind of life you have always pictured for yourself. For some reason, you may feel that you have been derailed in your journey thus preventing you from getting to where you want to be. Perhaps it is a painful experience, maladaptive patterns of behavior, or faulty relational dynamics that are holding you back. You may not even be fully aware of where the root of the derailment lies. I am here to be a facilitator in helping you identify what those roadblocks may be, accompanying you in the daunting task of facing them head on, and ultimately providing you with the necessary skills to cross over to the other side. By forming a trusting relationship, prompting insight, and introducing techniques, healing and fulfillment can be achieved. One of my goals is to create a safe space for clients free of judgment and filled with unconditional positive regard. This ideal environment fosters the comfort

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Los Angeles, CA 90041

Los Angeles, CA 90041