Jean LeStourgeon Relationship Expert

Counselor in Florida


School: University of Central Florida

Year Graduated: 1983

License: Florida / MH7135

Who I Serve

Relationship issues suck the fun out of life. They can drain your energy and even make you feel like you're dying inside. Whether it is your marriage, a committed, or other significant relationship, if it is not healthy, you won't feel healthy either. Relationship issues are like a dark cloud hanging over your head. Not to mention, the mental gymnastics involved in managing negative thoughts can be exhausting. The disconnect between the perception your friends have of you versus your relationship reality, only adds to your burden. The true reality is, good relationships are essential to our health and happiness. What if you woke up daily and felt at peace about your most important relationships? What if conflicts could be resolved in a way that strengthened your connections rather than weakened them? All of these things are possible and more; like communicating effectively, being free of constant worry and being your authentic self. I’ve been working with individuals and couples for

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1131 Mack Bayou Road Suite J Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459

1131 Mack Bayou Road Suite J Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459