Janneke Margaret Jobsis-Brown

Therapist in California

Who I Serve

When you, or your family are ready for change (or wish you were ready for change), I would like to provide psychotherapy assistance to you with compassion and motivation. Many clients seek me out due to my background with EMDR, trauma resolution, PTSD, couples counseling, personal growth, life transitions, 12 Step Recovery, anxiety, depression, parenting and relationship challenges. Trauma resolution is my greatest interest, and I am still amazed at how fragile/yet strong each of us are. I emphasize a whole person approach which includes: recommending support groups, spiritual growth, coping & restructuring feelings and thoughts. I focus on understanding trauma, loss and healing. Since trauma means losing choice/losing safety or ability to choose at one time, I view PTSD as "normal reactions to abnormal situations (trauma)." I have advanced training in EMDR, level II. I empower clients to have coping tools, heal, seek support outside of counseling, & reach life goals. I am often struck

Contact Information

8371 Church St. Gilroy, CA 95020

8371 Church St. Gilroy, CA 95020