Janelle Perry

Counselor in New York


School: Baruch College

Year Graduated: 2016

License: New York / 008594

Who I Serve

Are you a person who wants to live more of an authentic life, but are struggling with issues that keep you stuck and repeating old patterns? Do you feel sadness, lack of motivation, anger, or worry? Do you experience feeling trapped, weighed down by life, uneasy, or have difficulty making decisions? Are your relationships troubled or unsatisfying? Well, answer me this...do you WANT to feel aligned with who you truly are, experiencing more joy, relatedness, and flow? Or what about improve your overall well-being where you can achieve connectedness in your social, professional, and day to day life? I'm a therapist aka, a doubt basher, a self-esteem builder, a good listener, a motivator, and ultimately someone who can assist you toward overcoming life's most difficult challenges! In my practice I aim to address the mind, body, and soul to essentially build resilience, foster healing, wholeness and optimal living! Life can be a struggle, but you are not meant to just merely survive day by

Contact Information

My Holistic Wellness Flushing, NY 11355

My Holistic Wellness Flushing, NY 11355