James P Ahearn

Therapist in Missouri

Who I Serve

The clients I serve are often at a crossroads in their life story and unsure of how to close one chapter and begin anew. Clients I enjoy working with recognize that counseling continues outside of the session in self reflection, exploring behavior change, and shifting how we think and relate to ourselves. I find that counseling helps meet goals and needs as diverse as the client, and sometimes goals arise throughout the course of the relationship. No one needs a "good reason" to come to counseling, for the desire to reach out and try will always be sufficient. I provide a unique approach. I am a licensed attorney and trained as one, so I offer the mind of a lawyer with the heart of a counselor. I feel that language can be a powerful tool and that connection can be a bridge to healing. I am often known for bringing humor and empathy into the session, along with an openness to vulnerability. So often I witness people struggle to fill a void we hold in ourselves. In our humanness we carry

Contact Information

230 South Bemiston Avenue Suite 920 Clayton, MO 63105

230 South Bemiston Avenue Suite 920 Clayton, MO 63105