Jaclyn Matthews

Counselor in Florida


School: Monmouth University

Year Graduated: 2014

License: Florida / MH 14728

Who I Serve

Millennials are our SPECIALTY. In 2020 we are dealing with more than EVER! Between academics, social pressures, family conflict, career, and the expectations of others. Not to mention the pandemic and isolation! Its challenging to balance the demands of modern day life and keep it all together. The exciting news is there are HUNDREDS of strategies and skills that can prepare you for all life throws your way. Let us be proactive in teaching you how to manage stress, anxiety, overwhelm, sadness, and more. Modern Mental Health offers a variety of programs that focus on getting you out of your head and back into enjoying your life. In session, you can expect mindfulness, increased self awareness, and practical solution-focused discussion – with a touch of humor. Jaclyn can help you to find the meaning even during the most challenging times. You will find conversation comfortable and easy. Jaclyn is compassionate, accepting, and a knowledgeable support for help on the journey. If you have

Contact Information

Modern Mental Health Saint Petersburg, FL 33704

Modern Mental Health Saint Petersburg, FL 33704