Jackie Vermaat

Therapist in Illinois

Contact Information

Metta Counseling 1100 Beech St Bldg 12A Normal, IL 61761


School: Illinois State University

Year Graduated: 2017

License: Illinois / 178.014449

Who I Serve

Do you feel like your world is unraveling? Life often throws obstacles in our paths blocking our way, and sometimes we feel trapped... stuck and unable to move forward. Our minds and bodies may no longer feel like home. We may feel frustrated, lost, and utterly alone. Our relationships may feel broken beyond repair. And we may even feel like we might be "crazy." >>> Life is too short to be spent miserable in your relationships, suffocated by your traumas, fearful for your sanity, or hustling for your own self-worth. <<< Whether you want to learn to love yourself unapologetically, find peace instead of pain, reconnect with your inner strength and power, build a fulfilling intimate relationship, or maybe even a little of each, I can help you turn those dreams into reality. Together, we will work to bring • color • boldness • and vibrancy • back to your world. You deserve a life that leaves you excited to wake up every morning. I would love to be a part of your journey and help you thrive again. >>> Beyond your fear is freedom. <<< Contact me today to schedule an appointment or set up a free phone consultation!


Metta Counseling 1100 Beech St Bldg 12A Normal, IL 61761