Howard Newville

Psychologist in California

Who I Serve

My clients are everyday people who are struggling with stress, not satisfied with how life is turning out, or suffering from depression and anxiety. I enjoy working with people who are looking to make improvements in their lives, and need help deciding how to do it. Whether you are troubled by the stressors of day-to-day life or a major negative event, and I want to help you cope with it and achieve your goals. My approach is client-focused. Your treatment should work for you, and so I will adapt my treatment to fit your needs. I use the cognitive behavioral model, which focuses on how our thoughts and our actions influence our mood, to conceptualize the difficulties my clients are facing and strategies to help them overcome their challenges. I want you to reach your potential. I can help you learn new techniques and strategies to help you deal with your distress and improve your relationships. Together, I believe we can make progress.

Contact Information

100 Bush Street Suite 1900 San Francisco, CA 94104

100 Bush Street Suite 1900 San Francisco, CA 94104