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Accepting New Clients. Life has shown up once again and seemingly offered you its worst. Your friends and family haven’t been able to help the way you wished they could. You've tried to change the situation and maybe even yourself, but nothing has worked. It’s no big secret that we all experience challenges and often, don’t know where to go to figure things out. The reality is that if you’re reading this, you’re already ahead of the game and in position to resolve your challenges and evolve in the process. Each day, I work with individuals and families who face challenges related to their health/mental health, relationships, finances, identity, and social issues. Via the development of trust, compassion and a nonjudgmental practice approach, I partner with clients to discover the root cause and solutions to their problems. Simple techniques. Amazing results. Allow yourself to accept two things as you consider your next decision: 1. You aren’t the first to experience what yo

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Columbia, SC 29203 Call Mr. Julian Green

Columbia, SC 29203 Call Mr. Julian Green