Heather Caruso-Maxey

Psychologist in California

Who I Serve

Hi there, my practice focuses on youth and women experiencing mood and anxiety disorders and low self-esteem that both stem from and impact issues related to life transitions, social and academic pressures, trauma, bullying and rejection, interpersonal/relational conflict, grief and loss, disempowerment, codependence, occupational stress, and existential despair. I also provide family therapy and consultation for parents struggling with challenging child and adolescent behaviors. I will accept youth at all levels of motivation to change, and women ready to take control of their lives and actively engage in treatment. I work with clients at my private practice as well as at a large hospital and healthcare system. My approach is evidence-based, and use interventions from various models based on my clients’ current needs and unique characteristics. My intention is to empower clients by invoking their own strengths to create change, rather than simply rescuing them. If you or a loved one

Contact Information

4713 First Street Suite 242 Pleasanton, CA 94566

4713 First Street Suite 242 Pleasanton, CA 94566