Galyn Burke

Therapist in California

Who I Serve

I specialize in helping adults, couples, and families struggling with anxiety, depression, and trauma resolution. From day one, I am transparent with my clients about how their brains work (using biological neuroscience) and why I am asking them to engage in a certain exercise or dive into a specific aspect of their past. Knowledge is power and my goal is to empower my clients to not only reach their goals in therapy but to develop the insight, wisdom, and skill necessary to enhance all aspects of their lives. Because each one of us is complicated and unique, to best meet the individual needs of each client, I integrate multiple, therapeutic modalities in my practice. That said, I find that I most frequently draw from Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Brainspotting and Mindfulness with individuals, and Emotionally Focused Therapy with couples and families. If you’re curious about therapy and would like to learn more about how (and why) it works; or, you are wondering if I might be a good

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Kings Beach, CA 96143

Kings Beach, CA 96143