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Career Development and Coaching. With Covid-19 and the National Environment, finding employment or reinventing yourself is a challenging. Specializing in government employment search on multiple platforms. I will assist you with moving forward with your challenges in new choices and learning to become employable in a new way that makes you proud of your new self. Addiction Coaching is the 2nd specialty and expertise in my practice to help move you away from your addictions and unto new productive roads. In each case, it is all about positioning. People position themselves for success (or not). Making you successful. Vet 4 Vets. My experience is based on 3 decades of working in civil and private sectors in the fields of mental health and addiction services. Specialized career development. Additionally, I have worked with individuals with developmental disabilities, others with physically disabilities, especially with Veterans, senior populations, and people wanting life changes. During

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1052 Main Street, Suite 'F' Morro Bay, CA 93442

1052 Main Street, Suite 'F' Morro Bay, CA 93442