Erin Lawson

Psychologist in Florida

Who I Serve

Ready for real change? Let's chat! I'm excited about the opportunity to get to know you and to help you live your best life. I work with children, teens, and adults experiencing a variety of concerns, especially those related to mood (like anxiety and depression), adjustment to difficult life transitions, relationship skill building, and exploring identity development. I also provide compassionate care for those who are experiencing grief and loss. I'm a relationship-focused clinician, which means that I prioritize building a genuine connection with my clients in order to get the best understanding of their goals for therapy. I most often use a blend of evidence-based techniques (cognitive-behavioral, dialectical, and solution-focused approaches) in a way that benefits each individual client. For that reason, my work is often very personalized to honor each individual's unique needs. I also enjoy opportunities to bring creativity, fun, and humor into my work whenever possible. Finding

Contact Information

8461 Lake Worth Road Suite 234 Wellington, FL 33467

8461 Lake Worth Road Suite 234 Wellington, FL 33467