Erin Grumley

Therapist in Missouri

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Do thoughts about food or your body dominate your day? Do you feel out of control around food and exercise? It can feel like you aren’t even really sure who you are outside of these thoughts. You are told over and over that success, either in your sport, dating, or in life, are tied to the size of your body. That voice inside screaming that we are "not good enough" yet also "too much" for the people around us is loud. The expectation of perfection can get in the way of even trying. You feel alone and like nobody else understands. But here's the aren't alone. And you deserve a life without all of that. Those thoughts don't have to be your reality! You can have a life where thoughts about food, body, and exercise don’t steal so much mental energy from your day. You are a high achiever - you don’t have time for those distractions to keep their hold on you. You know that without them, you will thrive! You need a place where you can tell your story and to connect with your

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7346 Manchester Road Suite 202 Saint Louis, MO 63143

7346 Manchester Road Suite 202 Saint Louis, MO 63143