Eric Sullivan Proud Counseling

Therapist in South Carolina


School: Antioch University Los Angeles

Year Graduated: 2012

License: South Carolina / 6510

Who I Serve

I am a proud gay person and queer therapist. I help LGBTQ+ people make positive life changes and be happier. Being queer is awesome, but it can also be tough. We grow up hearing messages that we are wrong, and this leads us to try to shut down the parts of ourselves that make us special and holds us back from reaching our full potential. Luckily, we are also very strong and can build empowerment by finding ways to be proud of who we are and by living our lives on our terms. I can help you get there. I will listen, support, offer feedback, find areas for improvement, and keep you on track with your goals. I’ll be there for the hard times, the celebrations, and everything in-between. I like to use humor in sessions, and I’m a natural extrovert, which I will use to make you feel comfortable and help guide our conversations. Want to talk? So do I. Flexible scheduling and convenient video sessions help fit therapy into your busy life and give you the self-care break you deserve. Reachin

Contact Information

Virtual Therapy for SC & CA residents Charleston, SC 29403

Virtual Therapy for SC & CA residents Charleston, SC 29403