Emily Arth

Therapist in Therapists in Missouri


School: University of Missouri School of Social Work

Year Graduated: 2011

License: Missouri / 2014004401

Who I Serve

Looking for a brighter future? Do you feel a desperate desire to heal? Are you seeking understandable steps that lead to lasting, life changing results? Would you like to share an authentic connection with a caring provider who is passionate about your unique journey and overall wellbeing? Connection is why we're here. It's what gives meaning and purpose to our lives. Many different experiences leave us feeling disconnected. Often our own fear of disconnection can drive unhealthy, self-destructive behavior. We need a safe place and skilled assistance to transform our lives from the inside out. Let's begin! If not now, then when? I provide proven solutions to heal symptoms caused by shame and disconnection. I'm an expert facilitator of skills that empower you to THRIVE...not just survive. I'm the only therapist in Mid-Missouri certified in the work of Dr. Brené Brown. I specialize in treating trauma, mood disorders, and grief. I serve ages 3-100+. Check out my website for more info! Want to heal and fully recover from unresolved issues? Life's challenges imprint feelings of pain and unworthiness on our identity which cause a variety of emotional and behavioral problems. I would be honored to assist you in overcoming such challenges while helping you build a solid foundation for an empowered future! Call or reach out today!

Contact information

200 Old 63 South Suite 201 Columbia, MO 65201

200 Old 63 South Suite 201 Columbia, MO 65201